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The SCMP Parents’ Membership programme aims to create a community to engage parents who wish to be supported in the planning of their children’s development. Joining the membership programme allows parents to receive first-hand information on educational activities, family travel and parenting advice.The membership programme also offers parents a wide range of benefits such as discounts to attend SCMP educational events and Posties events. These events include fun and educational activities that foster their child’s holistic development, and at the same time enhance their children’s English language proficiency. 

家長是孩子成長的最強後盾。「南華早報家長會會籍計劃」旨在凝聚家長,組成一個強而有力的網絡,參與孩子每一步的成長。加入會籍計劃,除了可獲得教育活動、家庭旅行和育兒、升學建議等第一手資訊外,更可享多重福利,優先參與各項升學教育講座、親子活動、南華早報教育活動及獲得Posties 活動折扣優惠。透過不同活動,促進親子交流互動,助孩子全面發展,同時提升他們的英語水平,「南華早報家長會會籍計畫」絕對是你的不二之選!

The SCMP Parents’ membership programme offers parents a wide range of member benefits and privileges. 

Member Benefits

  • English Assessment 
  • Supported by the British Council, the English assessment aims to assess students’ English proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and comprehension. With the assessment result, parents will be able to make informed decisions when choosing events and programmes with a level that is suitable for their children. 

  • Posties Discovery Corner
  • Co-organised by SCMP and the British Council, the Posties Discovery Corner utilises training materials developed from Posties to brush up students’ English reading and comprehension skills. Students are expected to develop a regular reading habit and deep dive into social issues in Hong Kong. There are also engaging class activities that nurture soft skills such as critical thinking, leadership and interpersonal skills. 

  • Exploration Trips
  • Partnered with different non-governmental organisations in Hong Kong, the Exploration Trips aim to cultivate empathy and compassion in students as an integral and holistic development in youth. Through a tailor-made educational and voluntary programme developed for SCMP Parents’ Membership in English, students not only develop a sense of individual and civic responsibility, they will also acquire new knowledge and expand their horizons in an English environment. In addition, students will be able to develop their leadership skills as they take the lead in the tailor-made voluntary programmes.



  • 英語評估

  • Posties 探索號
    Posties探索號由南華早報和英國文化協會合辦,旨在培養孩子自小養成閱讀報章習慣。活動利用 Posties 作為教材,提升學生的英語閱讀和理解能力外,更幫助他們了解世界脈搏。此外,更有豐富的課堂活動培養學生的批判性思維、領導才能和社交技巧等技能。

  • 探索之旅
  • 南華早報與香港不同慈善機構合作,為家長會員及其子女提供量身訂造的義工服務計劃,培養孩子的同理心和公民責任感。透過不同的義工服務,讓孩子親身參與其,擴大他們的視野,發展他們的領導才能。

    *The membership is valid for one year. 

    • Eligible parents with a successful enrolment to the SCMP Parents’ Membership and Posties Winter Camp at the same time, will have 5% of the total course fee refunded by January 2023.
    • After parents have settled the membership fee, they are required to fill in an online form and submit their personal information in order for the membership to be further processed.
    • 同時成功報名參加南華早報家長會和 Posties 冬季營的合資格家長5%折扣優惠,將在 2023 年 1 月獲退還總課程費用的 5%。
    • 家長在繳交會費後,需填寫網上表格並提交個人資料,以便進一步處理。
      SCMP Parents’ Membership

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